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How to measure a microstrip line impedance

Question asked by Bill_SG on Mar 11, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2010 by Bill_SG
I have a ENA 5071C. I use AppCAD to calculate 50 ohms microstrip line. The problem is I want to make sure that a microstrip line has 50 ohms impedance.
The way I did is I use 50 ohms coaxial cable connect to Port 1, and solder the 50 ohms coaxial signal wire to the microstrip line. Nothing connects to the microstrip line. Please see the attached picture.I know that I can check 50 Ohms from a smith chart in a NA. The smitch chart line at 1900 MHz is totally far away from 50 ohms line. Could anyone guide me how to measure a microstrip line no other components connecting to it.

This is my microstrip design to match 50 ohms in 1900 MHz. It is in attached picture. I appreciate every helps. Thank you in advance.