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Loading table into Word doc and adding cell contents

Question asked by kevink002 on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by WDrago
My VEE program runs some tests then opens a blank Word doc., adds title info, Matlab graphs, paragraph text etc.etc. all fairly straightforward.
I then want to create a blank table, insert it at the current insertion point (i.e. where the cursor is) then load column headings and results into the table.
I can create a table with chosen number of rows/columns but the insertion point depends on a 'Range' variable which I can only get to work if I make up the value for it - then it ends up in the wrong place if preceding content varies in length.
As for adding text to cells: everything ends up in cell (1,1) or I get unhelpful .NET error messages. E.G., in the screenshot, one problem is the Sel.MoveRight~ transaction.

Any advice would be welcome.