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MXA RSRX measurements on LTE MIMO

Question asked by ergrillo on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by zaniarpa

I'm a new user of the forum, i'm using MXA LTE-FDD Modulation Analysis doing on Air measurements of the RS signal of LTE (for electromagnetic human's exposure purpose). In the table Error vector summary i see RSTX and RSRX power, supposing an LTE 2X2 Mimo signal at the trasmitter and a single receiver (in my case antenna+cable) how MIMO modify this parameter? Otherwise, is the RSRX power the RMS Sum of the two MIMO Signals.
Another question about it. Setting 2 TX antenna in the Sync menu of MXA and alternate the reference antenna for the MIMO what's is the RS power than I have at the receiver for each MIMO signals? RSRX for each one?