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E8257D Wideband AM

Question asked by supernano on Jun 25, 2015
I am interested in using the wideband AM feature in my E8257D, but there's very little information about it in the Manuals and Data Sheet.

The main thing I want to know is if I can still set Polarity, Type and Depth options while using wideband AM. From my first attempts those options don't seem to do anything.

I also don't understand what the WIDe:SENSitivity option does exactly, and how to relate the signal amplitudes to the I input in my source. From what I tried, setting 0.5V at the input increases the amplitude as expected, but -0.5V doesn't decrease it to zero as it does when I use normal AM with 100% depth and -1V input.

Finally, I there's the wideband I SMA inputs in the back of the source, so it's not quite clear to me if I should be using those for wideband AM or if I should be using the front panel I input.

Help with any of these questions would be greatly appreciated.