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Continuous sweep list with single external trigger

Question asked by barryh on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by supernano
Using a N5183A and an e8257d for these trials I have found no way to setup the scenario I desire.

I would like to create a sweep list that is initially triggered externally but after that first trigger, have the sweep list continuously run.  Current setup with sweep in continuous mode and trigger set for ext has the sweep hold until the next trigger after it completes the list.

I have tried switching the trigger from ext to free run after the sweep has started but that interrupts the sweep and restarts it no longer synchronized to that initial ext trigger.

My list lasts exactly 1 sec and the external trigger is a 1PPS pulse.  Unfortunately, it looks like the monitor of the ext trigger needs some kind of hold time after the list finishes in order to retrigger.  With my list being exactly 1 sec, there is no hold time and the source will miss the next 1PPS and wait for the following one to retrigger.  So it currently outputs every other second, instead of continuously. I have found shortening the list such that it completes on the order of 100ms prior to the end of the second is enough time for the source to re-arm to look for the ext trigger.  However, by dropping the 100ms I'm no longer getting the sweep list I desire.

Any suggestion on set up to get a continuous sweep that is initially triggered?

Thank you.