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How to save raw data file(as HP8510C) in Agilent E8362B PNA?

Question asked by feynmanoh on Sep 8, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2009 by feynmanoh

In our lab, we are using Agilent E8362B PNA Network Analyzer. Before using E8362B, HP8510C was used for microwave measurements, S-Parameters.  At that time, we were able to save raw data file, uncorrected data, on HP8510C. However, Agilent E8362B, there is no such option to save in raw data file.  I need it for TRL measurement and calibration.

If you know how to save Raw data in Agilent E8362B such as HP8510C, Please Please let me know the trick.
There is no such documents to guide on that way.
Thanks for your helps.