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Unable find AG53131A after library IO 15.5 install (using GPIB)

Question asked by bslee86 on Jun 4, 2015

I facing a problem when establish the connection between my pc and AG53131A. The IO expert only able to detect the GPIB 82357B. Meanwhile the 3 leds on the GPIB is light on. While connect with the AG53131A, I get another counter AG53132A which is function well in another pc, the condition remain same for both counter, unable to find the counter but able to link with the GPIB. The most unwanted incident happen, I put back the AG53132A into original pc and find out that,it also unable to use and facing same connection problem (3 led also light on at the connector) with first counter. Is that anyone facing this issue before? Hopefully can hear from you guys soon.
Thanks in advance.