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E4407B Freq response issues

Question asked by srf4413 on Jun 26, 2015
I'm running HPVEE to calibrate these units.  Lately I've been getting a lot of failures at the top end of the frequency (over 25Ghz).  By a lot of failures I mean multiple units failing in what looks like the same pattern and almost the same values.  I've verified the failures manually with different test equipment (different power meter and sensor).  I guess my question is, is this a common thing with these units?  I've searched around the web for a bit and haven't come up with anything really.  I haven't opened them up because the place I work at doesn't generally do repair work and a lot of customers just end up sending them to Agilent.  Here are some screen shots from one unit.  Band 3 and 4 look pretty much identical on 4 different units so far.  And another from a different customer.  Any thoughts??