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Jumpy TDR Trace

Question asked by dweinstein on Sep 24, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2007 by dweinstein
I sent this question below to OJ back in February and I just sent it again as I haven't received any answer.  I assume it just got lost in the shuffle as OJ is always very responsive to my queries.  Unfortunately, I couldn't e-mail the .mov file of the E8361A PNA screen as the file is larger than my company server will permit.  I will try on my personal e-mail to forward it to OJ.

Perhaps someone else has observed this and has an answer.

Each time I change a time domain setting (for example-change the gate center by moving the ****), the trace “flattens out” and then returns to normal.  This “flattening” is not due to the IF bandwidth being set too high.  this is not a "noisy or unstable" trace due to too high IF bandwidth.  It is at 1 KHz, and this jumpiness did not occur in earlier firmware revs.

I also notice that when I click the mouse cursor in a box to type some dialog, very often, the first time I click, it does not seem to “take”.  I have to click again before I can type anything.