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RMS Jitter From Phase Noise

Question asked by strigois on May 26, 2015
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I am using an E5052B Signal Source Analyzer to acquire phase noise data with a carrier at 20.460802MHz from 1Hz to 5MHz.

I am trying to convert the Phase Noise data exported as a .csv file to RMS Jitter(radians), but I'm having trouble following the units through the process.

To get RMS Jitter, in radians, from Phase Noise you must integrate the Phase Noise.  What are the units of integrated Phase Noise and how do they cancel.  The equation I am currently using for this is A = Phase Noise (L(f)) + 10*log10(frequency2- frequency1) and to generate the RMS Jitter value in radians I am using sqrt(2*10^(A/10)).

Additionally, what are the units for 10*log10(frequency2- frequency1) and if L(f) is the ratio of Pcarrier and Poffset in dBm, and that has units of dBc/Hz, what would be the units if it were converted to a linear value.

Thank you for any insight you might have on these questions.