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XY Time Mode on MSO-X 3000 series

Question asked by seen on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by chris_felder

I am using a MSO-X 3054A in XY Time Mode to create a Lissajous figure for a tester.  CH1 is the x axis and ch2 is the y axis.  The source is connected using coax (1:1 probe used).  To answer my questions you may assume that both Ch1 and Ch2 are connected to 5sin(2(PI)100) volt sources that are 90-degress out of phase with eachother.  With both x and y axis set to 2V/div, the scope displays a circles that is 5 div wide.  The circles made up of 8 segments when a 100Hz sine wave is used.  The Z-axis (EXT TRIG IN) is not connected so blanking of the screen does not occur.

1.     The x axis appears to be limited to 3.1V/div in this mode.  The scope reports “The control is at its limit.”  I cannot see this limitation listed in the scope User Guide or data sheet.  Please confirm if this is a scope limitation or how to prevent this limit from occurring.  I ideally I would like to set Ch1, x-axis, to 5V/div.
2.     I captured data to a CVS file.  The scope only saves one of the eight segments created.  I would like to capture the entire circle.  How do I accomplish this?  Why is the screen broken into eight segments?

The actual circuit that drives the scope is part of a tester that uses the scope xy mode to display a curve trace.  Getting answers to my questions above will help me use the scope more effectively.  Thanks for your help.