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6632B shows 'OUT OF RANGE' when entering voltage calibration point P2

Question asked by powermark on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by MattC
I am using two (Agilent) *6632B* and recently wanted to perform a voltage calibration since displayed & actual voltage were not fully matching.
I did that from the panel, and all went well on the first power supply, but on the second one I'm encountering a strange effect:
The delta between displayed and actual voltage is quite large, and if I enter 10.000 Volt at the keypad the 6632B just displays 9.768V(!) and I'm actually just getting an output of 9.688V. So it's not only far off but it doesn't even display the 10.000V that I've entered. I thought that has to do with the long overdue calibration.
When performing the calibration, the 6632B goes into CAL mode without problems, I can select P1 and enter the measured voltage for this calibration point, but when I enter the value for P2 and confirm with I'm always getting an 'OUT OF RANGE' message and the calibration aborts. What's wrong here? Is someting wrong with the A2 board? I have tried to reset the device, but the error message keeps coming whenever I'm entering the P2 value.
Unfortunately I have no possibility to try it via GPIB.
Considering something on the A2 board is defective, could I just scrap a board from another HP/Agilent/Keysight 6632B and replace it in my power supply?
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