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Problem with Advanced Math Application on Agilent DSO-X 3024A

Question asked by bkm on Aug 21, 2015
Hi there,

I have an InfiniiVision DSO-X 3024 Oscilloscope from Agilent, which I now have updated with software from Keysight. I have also downloaded a 30-day trial license for the Advanced Math Application because I needed to use a Lowpass filter.

I wrote a program in LabWindows/CVI control the scope remotely. The program works perfectly with all the standard functions, but I am having problems using the Math function with the Lowpass filter. The thing is that I can enable the math function and I can make it add/subract/FFT, basically do all the standard function - but I can´t get it to use the Lowpass function. 

It works fine manually btw, but even though I tell the scope to select Lowpass(shown below), it won´t do it.

agx2k3k_ConfigureMathFunction (session, AGX2K3K_VAL_CHANNEL2, AGX2K3K_VAL_NONE, AGX2K3K_VAL_LOWPASS);

How can I get the Lowpass function to work remotely?