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How to import ADS model file (*.deb file) into ADS 2013

Question asked by hieuslash on Apr 25, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by aehoward
Hi, I am designing the LNA for the band 0.5 - 4 GHz. I found some LNAs (like MGA61563, MGA72543,...) of Avago and tried to use the ADS model of these LNAs.

However, when I imported the LNAs' model with format *.deb file into ADS 2013 (according to the guideline), I can't found this model in the Component Library, though I can view them in the list of installed packages by using command : "hpeesofpkg --list" in Command Prompt.

It seems that this model is only used in the old version of ADS, and I must use the *.s2p file to simulate them?

If anyone can help on this it will be a great help.