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PNA Option 87 IMD question

Question asked by rok on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by ChengNing

I'm looking through the 5990-7745EN.pdf document describing the various options for the PNA family. On page 14, in the description of Option 87:

Not available with PNA Options 200, 210, 400 and 410. When configured with a 2-port
PNA or 2-port PNA-X with either Option 200 or 219, an external
signal generator and a combiner are required. 

However, it doesn't mention Option 217. I thought the main difference between options 217 and 219 was that 219 had the additional bias tees. Just wanted to confirm that option 217 also requires an external signal generator and a combiner for Option 87 to work.

Also, for the external combiner, is there some specific requirements for that part? Does Keysight have any recommendations based on your own internal testing? My company is looking at PNA 43.5GHz models.