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InfiniiVision DSO6104L Web Access help

Question asked by dgoderich on Mar 14, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by dgoderich
Hello Members,

I have an issue with remote web access on the InfiniiVision DSO6104L wondering if anyone has encounter this problem.

Software using:
VEE 9.32
Windows 7 Professional.
Agilent IO Libraries : Latest Version 17.xxxxx
JAVA:  Version 8 Update 40

I can send commands to Oscope, I can even see the Initial Web interface using a browser. I can get screen image dumps in browser,
but I can not get to the soft key interface to configure Oscope. 

When I initially try to launch the remote panel command I get a java exception error.
I set browser security to the lowest level and enabled java scripts, and gave web page access permission using scopes ip address.  I tried it both on Explorer, Chrome and Mozilla to see if they would work. I was not able to get it to work.

So I skipped trying to use a browser interface, figured it was some java update or setting issue. I then used VNC Viewer directly by typing in Oscopes ip address.
It launched the interface and I was able to see the scope with the help softkeys at the bottom.
I could click and activate the help softkeys, but I could not get the help softkeys to go away and see the menu softkeys to configure scope.

Any help / Suggestion would be appreciated.