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I2C/SPI Protocol Trigger/Analysis Software for USB Modular Products Range?

Question asked by newcoppiceman on Apr 2, 2015
A first post from an electronics engineer with a career in broadcast engineering behind him (BBC and Channel 4, here in the UK)...

For the last six months I’ve been researching oscilloscopes - things have certainly moved on since I bought my last one (a Hameg) in 1986 - for one thing, they don't seem to be the transparent instruments they once were.

Before spending serious money I want to see how I get on with a “pre-owned” U2702A 200MHz 2-channel USB modular oscilloscope which I’ve just bought (at a price attractive to someone who, being retired, unfortunately no longer has the luxury of a corporate budget).  Maybe I'll be happy with a PC-based oscilloscope, maybe I won't.

I may also buy a U2353A data acquisition module to have a play with, to see how such products differ from oscilloscopes.

I’m interested in I2C/SPI serial triggering/decoding (for an upcoming embedded design project) and I was wondering whether anyone was aware of any Keysight or third-party software which would work with the U2702A and/or U2353A modules to provide similar I2C/SPI features to those available on modern ‘scopes?

Keysight's N5391A for the Infiniium 90000 series 'scopes has been suggested - but can this be made to work with a U2702A USB modular 'scope or a DAQ product?

In due course I may decide to buy a top-notch bench ‘scope (like the MSO-X 3054A I had on loan for several months) but for now I’m on a learning curve and just wondered whether software (from Keysight or elsewhere) is available to crunch the data acquired by the Agilent modules for I2C/SPI analysis and triggering.

I have successfully installed the IO Libraries Suite and Measurement Manager and have the U2702A up-and-running... so that's a good start.

Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.