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Convergence error in simulation with an EM model

Question asked by tpaper975 on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by Falcon
Convergence errors occur in a simulation with an EM model in harmonic balance simulation.
But there is no convergence error in a simulation with electrical models(microstrip line models and so on) of ADS.
The error only occurs with its EM model extracted from its layout.
I read the document of convergence error in harmonic balance simulation in the manual of ADS.
I tried applying the techniques suggested in the document, such as changing the OSR, using TAHB, auto(preferred) convergence mode, advanced (robust) convergence mode, changing iterations to robust and custom with 1000, direct solver, Krylov solver, Matrix re-use robust, custom, Krylove Restart length (robust, low memory, custom), and so on...
I also tried changing some of advanced continuation parameters and advanced krylov parameters.
But still no success in convergence.
What could I try to reach the convergence?
Thank you very much.