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Acquire a waveform data points from OSC DSO 96204Q not correct

Question asked by ontheeverest on Feb 23, 2016
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I am using the Matlab code to get data but I met with the problem of receiving waveform sometime different from the data I defined in Matlab. The part of Matlab code as below:

fprintf(visaObj,':ACQ:SRAT 20E+9'); % 20GSa/s
fprintf(visaObj,':WAVEFORM:SOURCE CHAN1'); 
fprintf(visaObj,':TIMEBASE:MODE MAIN');
fprintf(visaObj,':ACQUIRE:TYPE NORMAL');
fprintf(visaObj,':ACQUIRE:COUNT 2');
fprintf(visaObj,':WAV:POINTS:MODE RAW');
fprintf(visaObj,':WAV:POINTS 480e3'); 
operationComplete = str2double(query(visaObj,'*OPC?'));
while ~operationComplete
    operationComplete = str2double(query(visaObj,'*OPC?'));
fprintf(visaObj,':WAVEFORM:FORMAT WORD'); 
fprintf(visaObj,':WAVEFORM:BYTEORDER LSBFirst');
preambleBlock = query(visaObj,':WAVEFORM:PREAMBLE?');
yy.RawData = binblockread(visaObj,'int16'); fread(visaObj,1); 

I capture data for 10 times but only 1 time getting correct data. The transmit signal with 480 000 points.
Did I setup some extra parameter on OSC before capture data?
My experiment is:
Signal from AWG (sample rate: 10GHz) -----> OSC (DSO 96204Q) ------> Matlab.

Thank you in advance.

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