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Need help adding excel output to working program

Question asked by nickn on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by nickn
Hello again everyone, this is going to be a long detailed post so I apologize ahead of time.
I've been working on a program that I plan to use to test the current ratio of electrical transformers that we produce.  What I’m doing it measuring the current inputted into one winding of the unit and then measuring the current that comes out the other winding.  Then those 2 numbers are compared and a Current Ratio is developed.  
I have attached a screen grab (MainProgram.png) of the program as it sits right now.  I have it set up to where my employees can use the runtime (MainRuntime) in order to avoid them accidentally messing up the program.  The way the testing is run the tester opens the runtime file, places a transformer onto the testing fixture, they then hit "Begin Testing" and the test runs once.  After that, they put a different transformer on the fixture and hit "Re-Test" and the new transformer is tested.  They do this until they have finished testing all the units and then hit "Exit Testing" and everything closes out.  It works flawlessly right now.
My questions are about setting up the program so it records the Input Current, Current Ratio and the Pass/Fail.  I've been doing a lot of reading and experimenting and I’m not really getting where I want to yet.  I set up the file shown in the picture (ExcelFile.png).  What I’m TRYING to do is to open an excel file, create a new work sheet, name that sheet the current date, record the data and then save/close excel.  
Here are my questions:
When the data flow gets to the "File Name Selection" box I have to manually pick the file and then confirm that I want to overwrite the file.  Is there any way to set it up to where the user has no input at this point?  
How do I change the format of the "now()" box to a standard mm/dd/yy format?  The actual time of day is not very important though.
Once I get this little program running properly then I’ll come back if I need help applying what I’ve learned to the actual testing program. 

Thanks for looking, I appreciate the time and any advice you have for me.