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E4980A how to get the picture

Question asked by solovievalexey on Mar 26, 2015
How to take a picture of the display on the instrument E4980A.
  C # do without problems:
             E4980A.WriteString ("hcop: sdump: data?");
             byte [] imageFormat = E4980A.ReadIEEEBlock (visa.IEEEBinaryType.BinaryType_UI1, false, true);

             Stream stream = new FileStream (@ "D \ imageTest.gif", FileMode.Create);
             stream.Write (imageFormat, 0, imageFormat.Count ());
             stream.Close ();

And how to make C ++? (QT)
Refer the request.
viPrintf (instr, "HCOPy: SDUMp: Data? \ n");

Trying to get an answer:
viReadToFile (path, ViUInt32 count, ViPUInt32 retCount);

Data is written to a file, but there is extra data (#xyyyyy first characters). Even if you remove them.

use viScanf????