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34980 Scan order question

Question asked by snicolay on Sep 25, 2015
If I have these simple lines in a program to measure voltage on several channels: 
     viwrite(DMM, "ROUT:SCAN (@1001,1010,1005)");
     viWrite(DMM, "READ?");
     viRead(DMM, ResponseBuffer);

Question: will the ResponseBuffer string contain the measures in order "V1001, V1010, V1005" or "V1001, V1005, V1010"  ?
I've read about the ROUT:SCAN:ORD command, but it's not clear : if the scan is reordered and performed in sequential order by the DMM (default behavior), does it send the response in the same order as the scan was done, or in the same order as the scan list was asked.

Thank you