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E5061B-3LF - DC Bias Source to Port 1

Question asked by kallidina on Mar 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2015 by takeshio
We have an E5061B-3LF with the DC bias source option, and the DC output ranges from -40V to 40V.  This DC output can be tied to either a separate output OR to Port 1, which has a maximum allowable DC voltage of 7V.

I would like to output the DC bias through Port 1 so it is applied directly to my DUT, and am wondering if biases above 7 V will cause damage to the port.  Since the internally generated DC bias does go up to 40 V, I would imagine that there is an internal bias-T that prevents the DC voltage generated by the internal DC source from reaching the front-end of Port 1.  Of course, I would like verification of this before trying it out!