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DSO4000X Data logging capabilities

Question asked by jsalim on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by algoss
I have a question regarding my application. I think I already know the answer but it doesn't hurt to ask.
The following information is what I am wanting to do:

I would like to continuously capture values from 3 signals below.
1. Analog pulse
2. Analog signal
3. CAN data with dbc.files

I would probably do an edge trigger on the analog pulse as the other two signal is a somewhat a calculated value of the pulse.
I would need measurement of the following:
1. minimum of signal 1
2. fall time of signal 1
3. y-cursor value of signal 2
4. specific CAN message

The pattern are repetitive and they can go up to max freq of 25Hz.

So the idea is not to do single trigger and capture the measurements.
I would like continuous measurement of every single events.

Currently I do programming using MATLAB (not vB or C# proficient :p).

I know ideally people would use DAQ devices probably from NI to do this kind of stuff but was wondering if I can do it with oscope.