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CalPod/Multiport test set programming question

Question asked by WDrago on Mar 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by ChengNing

I am writing some test software that has to run on a 2 port PNA with a multiport test set (U3024AH10) and 9 CalPods. I have no idea how to select the pods.

I am referenceing PNA Help A.10.25, but there is little info in there, and I can't find a programming manual for the multiplexor.

Say I want the multiplexor to connect pod 7 to PNA port 1. What is the SCPI code for that?

Or say I want pod 3 to connect to port 1 and pod 8 to port 2 and then measure S21.

I don't have access to the equipment, so I can't even experiment.

Does anyone have information?