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How to import gpdk045-mosfets into ADS?

Question asked by jorislambrecht on Mar 12, 2015

how can I make the transistors from the gpdk045-library in Cadence available in ADS?

All I have available is the gpdk045_mos.scs file which contains all parameters
and appears to use the BSIM4 model.

I tried to import this into ADS (File - Import - type: netlist file), this
does not go smooth (a large number of errors and warnings) but 
the individual types of transistors do appear as cells in my current workspace.

Then I try to obtain the DC I-V curves of a single type of transistor, but the simulator mentions 
that a number of references are missing. 
I manually copy these missing variables from the .scs file into the schematic of the transistor.

A single unresolved reference remains: m; I can't find it in the scs-file (maybe the m is used as a unit
in the scs file and ADS accidentally imported it as an additional variable?). 
When I set m to 1, just to try if it might work;
the simulator again fails: 'X1.g45n2svt: Cannot find binned model'. (X1 is the instance of an g45n2svt-mosfet in my schematic).

I hope there is an easier solution than copying all parameters into a BSIM4 model card in my schematic
and then making a component from this model?
And even if this were the only solution, would it solve the 'Cannot find binned model' - error?

I realise that it doesn't seem useful to import mosfets from Cadence into ADS, 
but I am having difficulties to get useful loadpull-simulation results from Cadence,
and I already have a working ADS-workspace for this (and related) types of simulations.

Thank you for your time;


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