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U5309A programming with AgMD2 driver - ReadBurst32 failed

Question asked by tz_m on Nov 12, 2015

What causes the ReadBurst32 failed error in the AgMD2 driver? And, more importantly, how can I fix it? (I use U5309A-8CH).

In my data acquisition program, I loop over the active channels, read the waveforms, and then output to file. This error is thrown at seemingly random times during the loop. Sometimes it is thrown immediately, and sometimes after two to five loops. My program used to work just fine, I could read thousands of waveforms in a row without a problem, but just recently (I made no changes to the Fetching part of my program), this error has terminated acquisition every single time after just a few waveforms.

** Error during AgMD2_FetchWaveformInt8: 0xffffffff, ReadBurst32 failed

Let me know if I need to upload my code (beware, it's a lot).