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Can an FC be calibrated by feeding its timebase into its RF input?

Question asked by bill001 on Nov 11, 2015
*My old Model 5382A HP frequency counter's maintenance manual seems to say that I can do this, and without using any external frequency standards, but am I misunderstanding their wording?  It just seems too simple...*

Model 5382A
HP Maintenance Manual

3-38. Oscillator Adjustment (Standard Unit)

3-39. Set the time base oscillator frequency as follows:

a. Connect ac power to the counter, depress the front-panel LINE switch, and allow 5
minutes for the oscillator to stabilize.

b. Connect the rear-panel oscillator output jack on the 5326C-011 (or equivalent, stable, 10
MHz source) to the counter's INPUT connector.

c. Set the counter's GATE TIME switch to is and adjust the rear-panel OSCILLATOR ADJ.
control until the counter display indicates exactly 10 MHz. Note that the actual display
is in kilohertz (10000 .000).

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