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Programmatic control of the Keysight instruments - buttons and display

Question asked by igortitov on Oct 20, 2015
Dear All, could you please tell me how to programmatically trigger mouse click events and buttons' events? In some older instruments you had VISA commands :KEY:. For example, ":KEY:F1" would programmatically press soft button 1, ":KEY:CH1" would programmatically press Channel 1 button, etc. Other manufacturers also have this functionality (for example, Rigol). But it doesn't work in latest KeySight models anymore. Why? How to access it now?
We'd also desperately need similar mouse events functionality. Something like ":MOUSE:MOVE 0,0", ":MOUSE:LEFT:DOWN", ":MOUSE:LEFT:UP", ":MOUSE:LEFT:CLICK", ":MOUSE:TOUCH:SWIPE", etc.
From the point of view of the development on your side it's a very simple task - it's all already there, KeySight just could make these commands available through external APIs.
Or if it's already there, please point me to some docs.