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Command Expert not responding in simulated mode

Question asked by matide on Oct 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by david.liu

hope this is correct forum for "Command Expert".

I have installed latest "Command Exert" (Keysight_Instrument_Control_Bundle_8.2015.exe) and when started the program I can see the two default instruments N6700 and SCPI-99.

Now when connect to ether of the two instruments in SIMULATED mode I can't GET ANY at all result/response when doing a query.

For instance, selecting command *IDN? and clicking perform and also clicking Play Sequence give no result what so ever.

What am I doing wrong ? How can I get result/response when doing a query in simulated mode ?
Isn't it possible to run Command Expert standalone in simulated mode with no physical instrument connected ?

Appriciate any feedback on this....

Thanks in advance.