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Unable to get corrected and calibrated data on LabVIEW for N5222A PNA

Question asked by bck1990 on Aug 20, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by jvall
Hi everyone, I am currently using the LabVIEW 8.2 program to obtain S21 data from the N5222A PNA Microwave Network Analyzer. However the values that I get are the uncorrected values (same as the values I get on the VNA firmware when I turn correction off.

When I turn CALC:CORR ON, I still get the error "Calibration is required before correction can be turned on" and I still get the uncorrected values even after I use the recall/save VI from Agilent PNA series to load the calibration .csa file.

I have tried specifying the channel, loading the .cal and .sta files instead but it still doesn't work. Also the .csa, .cal and .sta file is loaded successfully on the VNA without any error each time yet it still says that there is no calibration and gives me the uncalibrated data. I know this because when I change the .csa filename to something that is not in the VNA memory it gives an error saying the file is unable to load.

Attached are my VI block diagram screenshot, the VI, and the calibration files. Is there a way to turn on calibration through LabVIEW or are there any other ways for getting around this? Thank you very much!