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Stripline - measuring the S parameter

Question asked by heleine on Jul 15, 2015
I have a stripline  ( layer 5) that is embedded between 2 ground planes.

The stripline is embedded between ground planes on 4, 6.

On the top layer ( layer 1) I have a set of pads for a 33pF capacitor-  within the right hand pad  is a via (1-5) that is connected to the stripline input.

So the signal goes through the 33pF capacitor down the via ( 1-5) to the Stripline travels along the stripline then returns to the top layer through the via (5-1) into a pad

The pad is as the input a pad for a 33pF capacitor. 

I just want to measure the S parameters between the pads after an EM simulation

Important here is the pads are not only pads for the component placement but have vias that connect the stripline.

I tried doing an EM sim and connecting pins to the pad edges.
This did not work? Huge loss

Anybody got an idea how I can solve this problem? 

I know you cannot place port on via for momentum but it seems you cannot place the ports in the pads?

Any help appreciated



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