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Getting familiar with SCPI

Question asked by clementyap on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by jdwindrvr
Hi I am very new to SCPI. I am using KeySight's Expert Connection and using command in it.
the instrument is 53131A.

I am at a loss as i am not very familiar with SCPI. I have SCPI documents as as operating manual, programming guide. this programming guide is quite confusing to me.

Do you have any tutorials or examples as to how to use SCPI to communicate with it step by step?   

I have tried with help from technical help but only bit by bit.

With PC, 53131A, GPIB on and connected and Expert Connection running.

It is connected. and ready for programming..

I keyed in like

:FUNC 'FRE1' -> send command button pressed -> Ok
:READ:FREQ?   -> send & read button pressed -> OK

:FUNC 'FREQ2' -> send command button pressed -> OK
:READ:FREQ?  -> send & read button pressed -> Error --- "CH2" is  not enabled as indicated LCD in the instrument

Why does it not work? What command is used to select CH2?