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Intuilink PNA / Microsoft Excel communication error

Question asked by TrescalTech on Mar 16, 2016
My PNA (E8364A) is on our server and through Intuilink I contact it via WIFI/LAN; exclusively used with Excel (Add In). When I initially installed Intuilink the PNA had a fixed address of  On each Excel spreadsheet there are multiple tabs which are used to collect different data (might be S11, S21, etc, log mag, phase, etc.) and ultimately form a template for future use.

Since installation our company change over servers and now the address is  Now, each time I open my Excel template I get connection errors; note that I have not yet clicked the Intuilink connection icon. This happens as soon as the spreadsheet tries to open. The error locks up the spreadsheet for about 30 seconds because it is looking for the old address. The error is:

"Connection Failure connecting to The remote server machine is not available or does not exist. Unable to restore connection to"

I can press OK on the error and it disappears. I navigate to the Add On tab of Excel and the PNA connection seems already established to; if I hover my mouse over the PNA Intuilink connection Icon it shows "Connected to PNA E8364A on However, if I actually click the connection icon the connection is not really established.  On a newly opened spreadsheet the PNA should be greyed out until establishing the connection.

I wonder if on this spreadsheet I "saved" it while the PNA was connected via Intuilink to the old address and it somehow has that stored/embedded in the spreadsheet, and therefore looks for that connection every time.  I tried looking at VBA using the developer tab but there doesn't seem to be anything; I also looked for active x or macros but don't see those either.

Is there any way to find out if there was a hidden control saved that somehow needs to be deleted now?  How could I stop the spreadsheet from trying to automatically connect to the PNA old address?  Thanks for any help as these spreadsheets would take quite some time to re-accomplish.

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