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Generating pseudo-GNSS signal

Question asked by MichaelNelson on Jul 12, 2015

I'm new to vector signal generators and I'm a bit confused. I want to generate the following signal: a carrier modulated with MLS. As far as I've learned, I should generate this sequence on the PC (Matlab, Excel, Visual studio, whatever) and write it to the internal or the external (usb drive) memory.
I'd like to know:
— How exactly should I write this sequence? Binary (0-1), phase switch multiplier (1 - -1) or in some other sophisticated way?
— How can I set the chip length or the period of the whole MLS?
— How can I setup my generator (N5182a, by the way, I'll setup it via LAN) to make the MLS periodical, to repeat it?

Links to pages in manuals would be highly appreciated.