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SMC+Phase "phase repeatability"

Question asked by alanpna on Aug 3, 2015
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I have been working with SMC+Phase converter measurement for a few months now and have never been comfortable with the "absolute phase" answer it reports. I know there is a setting to basically fix either the band center or one of the band edges to "zero phase," so I am not confidant about exactly what kind of phase measurement I am getting.

Here is my setup: I have a multiple channel converter. Each channel is supposed to be phase matched. I have gone through and measured response of each channel with SMC+Phase. I re-tuned the PNA and system multiple times during each channel measurement before connecting to the next channel. Now, I am trying to do a simultaneous output phase measurement on the PNA: I input a split CW signal to each PNA port simultaneously and setup mag() and phase() measurements of receivers B/A, C/A, D/A. I normalize all measurements as a "calibration" as the same signal should be going into all inputs. Then, I put the split CW signal to my system inputs and connect my system outputs to the PNA inputs. So I should be measuring relative mag and phase between channels. If I get phase offsets between channels with this measurements, will I also be able to see that in my SMC+Phase data, or will it not be visible due to my above statements about the "phase fix to zero"?

If I don't get an "absolute phase measurement" between successive sweeps with SMC+Phase, as it appears, what other technique can I use to get that data?


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