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N6701: Query Overcurrent/Voltage Register

Question asked by matthew.conte on Jul 1, 2015
While running our test software suite, I need to periodically check the OV/OC status of my N6701 Power Supply but I haven't found a command in the Programmer's Guide which seems to do this.

The code I'm working with was written by someone else and they included ":VOLT:PROT:TRIP" in their list of available commands. This seems to be what I need, though the command doesn't show up in any documentation. When I tried running it through a Putty Telnet session, the window just sat there until I Ctrl-C'd it. When running it through our testing software, I get a command timeout error.

Is ":VOLT:PROT:TRIP" a valid command for the N6701 and does it do what I think (return status of the OV register)? What's the best way to get the OV tripped status?