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Saving marker Freq and dB (X and Y)

Question asked by hark on Mar 14, 2016
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Hi Guys!

I'm stuck with a little problem. I am working in NA mode on Fieldfox N9912A and I need to track how my frequency and dB value changes with conditions I change in my test circuit. So I have set a tracking marker manually and then programmed the x and y values to be read into an array and saved into an Excel file. The problem I have is the Y marker is being read and saved correctly as it changes but the X value(Freq) just reads out and saves the same value continuously. 

I am using 

One works, the other does not! The values being read are correct for y but not the x. 

Please help! I have attached a screenshot of my program results in command line. The output in the command line is off the analyser showing the values which are then saved into the array. So saving is fine but reading of the X value of the tracing marker is incorrect using the above command.

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