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Gain Compression Measurement

Question asked by Leyo on Sep 20, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2007 by daras

Would like to measure the  P 1dB compression of an amplifier. The amplifier has a gain of 10dB and P 1dB of 35 dBm. So, to make the compression measurement, the source power from PNA should be in the order of 25dBm, which PNA cannot output itself. An amplifier is used between the PNA source and the Amplifier Under test:

1. I can do source power cal without any problem.
2. Receiver calibration also is OK.
3. How to takre care of the   gain of the amplifier between PNA source and amplifier under test?
4. Is it possible to do two port cal  using Ecal  with the above mentioned amplifier connected to PNA source?