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What's the offset loss of the male short in the 85054B calibration kit?

Question asked by drkirkby on Nov 19, 2015
I'm trying to define a user cal kit in an 8753ES so I can use my 85054B cal kit - a bit of an overkill on a 3 GHz 8753ES!  I've been comparing the 85054B data for the PNA given in this HTML file on the Keysight web page

and the data in my 8720D's firmware, which unlike the 8753ES, has the 85054B in its firmware. There's a small, and no doubt insignificant difference in offset loss of the male short between the data in the HTML file above, and the what's in the firmware of my 8720D

* 1.1273 GΩ/s - at
* 1.1268 GΩ/s in the firmware of the 8720D. 

I'm sure the difference is pretty insignificant, especially since the 8753ES is a 3 GHz model, but since I need to stick a value in the user kit, I might as well put the most accurate estimate. I'm assuming the calibration kit definitions have been updated since the firmware for the 8720D was last updated, but I want to check that the HTML file is right. 


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