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Agilent 8722ES Option 400 - Switch Terms

Question asked by wollmich on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by wollmich

I’m developing a driver for the older Agilent 8722ES for VNA Tools ( . And I’ve one question regarding switch terms.

I want to measure R1/A (a1/b1) when port 2 drives and R2/B (a2/b2) when port 1 drives. I use the following commands:


But this measures R2/A when port 2 drives and R1/B when port 1 drives. I can’t find any command to select which R receiver (independent of the source position) I want to measure.

Or in other words I can't find a way to switch the ‘TRL CAL’ switch, see page 164, A9 Source Control Board.

Thanks in anticipation