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importing spectre netlist in ADS

Question asked by premcharanraj on Jan 22, 2016
I have two queries regarding importing Spectre netlist in ADS

1) If the spectre netlist has VCVS or CCVS or CCCS i get a  Spectre element "vcvs" is not listed in the spectre.rul file and a model reference could not be found.
         If this is a model reference the model needs to be added to the netlist.- 

where is the spectre.rul file and  how to rectify this error, so that I can see vcvs in the schematic.

2) When there is a component , say simple_diode written in VHDL, i get an error- Schematic not created for subcircuit "diode_simple" with no translated components

How to link VHDL coded components/subcircuits to the hierarchy or how to rectify the error ?