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Acquisition crash with 34702b

Question asked by bakersacres on Jul 24, 2015
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We have a 34702B with two 16557D Analyzer cards in it, both in slot B. One is connected to one processor board, the other to a second processor board.

We have several different configuration files for verifying the timing of commands from the first processor to the second, and most work fine, except for a couple of them - they always "crash", but only the first time you load and run them.

The crash is either an "Acquisition Error" (which I haven't found in any manual) in the Run Status window , which states:
Slot B: Acquisition Error. Data Discarded, Possible causes:
- Poor state clock quality
- State clock faster than specification allows
- Inadequate probe grounding.

The other crash is that it says that the analyzer stopped without a trigger. However, in that case Machine 1 arms Machine 2 (when Machine 1 triggers), however there is no data for Machine 1 and there is for Machine 2.

Since we have several hundred other tests that run fine, it doesn't appear to be a hardware error as the message states.

Any insight on these would be greatly appreciated, since we're trying to get into our Final Quality Run and these are holding us up right now.

Thanks in advance,

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