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U4201A vs N2815 A (for DDR3/DDR2 probes) ?

Question asked by Alx on Jan 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by algoss

I could not find any documents for N2815A cable, so my question is which
of the cables (U4201A or N2815A) is correct to order for use with U4164A and
DDR3 probes (cable E5845A) or DDR2 probes (cable E5384A/E5826A) ?
One U4164A module set-up. Command/Address/Data bus decoder.
Which quantity of cables should be considered for order ?

5992-1057EN U4164A document mention that N2815A cable is
"MSO/logic analyzer cable for connecting U4164A to 90-pin logic analyzer probes. 
(Connects even and/or odd headers of E53xx and E54xx Series 90-pin probes into 
odd pod of U4164A pod pair only. Useful for dual-sample state mode, not for 
full-channel mode).

Thank you very much!