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PNA-X Problem control external source MXG in SMC mode

Question asked by afr_vd on Feb 26, 2016
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First, I will explain the context. We use a PNA-X N5242A with the firmware A10.49.0 and a synthesizer RF MXG N5183B with the firmware B.01.55. The 2 equipments are connecting together with an ethernet switch.
We declared the MXG like a external source with driver sourceMXG on the PNA-X.

Then we configure an SMC measurement with the LO generate by the MXG. We saved this configuration in a csa file. 

We preset the PNA-X and we recall this csa file. And we saw that the frequency was not configured on the MXG but the amplitude is ok. 

To overcome the problem of frequency we have implemented in the code a workaround of changing the LO frequency of 1 Hz and then calculate the frequency and apply the mixer configuration. It is then found that the frequency is updated on the MXG. And then reconfigure the true LO frequency to perform the measurement.
The problem is that this configuration file is also used in manual and we do not want the final user is doing this kind of manipulation on the PNA-X.
Why the frequency is not correctly applyed on the MXG?

We also find that the RF is ON or we specified in the preference of the PNA-X after a recall the RF is OFF. This action is not echoed on the MXG.
Is it normal?


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