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Problem of connection between one intrument and this program under VEE PRO.

Question asked by alpinaj on May 19, 2015
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Good morning, 

I am a french student. I'm sorry for my English incorrect. I'am a beginner in programmation.
I have one problem which's to *establish one communication between VEE PRO and one synthesizer*. Here my approach : by means of "Agilent Connection Expert", i can receive some datas came from of synthesizer, verify the connection. The instrument is connected at the computer by one parallele connection (GPIB). There are two screenshots. BUT I created one small program directly in VEE PRO which allows to receive some datas came from of synthesizer in using the module "Instrument Direct I/O". This last doesn't operate and i don't find the reason. 

Thanks for your help.

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