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DSO5054A failure... ("Offset Range")

Question asked by philippeannet on May 18, 2015
concerns a DSO5054a


does anyone have a clue what a User Cal failure with error "Channel2: Offset Range" could mean ??

I mean, I understand the measured (reference) voltage is outside acceptable limits, my question is rather: is the only solution to that problem a replacement of the system board ???

As far as I can see, there's no distinct acquisition board, so it's in fact the whole thing that must be replaced, that 's a 3061$ piece (with a 600$ trade-in discount for the failing part, if that applies...), plus hours, plus calibration, shipment and VAT, in short, probably not really interesting given the price of used DSOX3054a or similar (now that the touch version of the 3000X is out..., some used MSOX3054a were sold for around 4K...)

Any chance this could be linked to some replaceable component(s) on the board ?? (assuming some serious SMD repair hardware is available)