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N9010A and Ethernet 802.3 Testing

Question asked by on Dec 16, 2015
We have a Keysight N9010A, . I noticed the N9010A has trigger related input and outputs and a lot of signal analysis capabilities but, I am not familiar with it thus, I am submitting this post to see if it will do what we need.... ..

We are doing PHY Ethernet data testing and thus have a need to trigger off of 10BaseT, 100BaseT, 1000BaseT ethernet "data". When I say "data", I mean the area of the ethernet packet or data stream, where the actual data (payload) resides.  Our only apparent capability is to trigger at the beginning of the ethernet (physical layer) signal. We need to be able to drill deep into the packet, and identify or select (i.e. "trigger off of") the data (payload) area (i.e. bypass all of the preamble, source / destination addressing, and all other "pre-data" areas of the data stream.

Does the Keysight N9010A have this capability?

Thank you,

Joe Cianchetta