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Question asked by ronrodrig57 on Jul 20, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2009 by daras
I need to de-embed an output drawer. I can create a .s2p file with the handy dialog screen that loads from system>macro>AdaptorChar, select CalSet1, CalSet2, press 'Characterize and Save'.
Now, what I need to do is recall this .s2p file during a measurement. I have the SCPI commands such as CALC1:FSIM:SEND:DEEM:PORT2:USER:FIL 'RF_ODWR_1_2.s2p'  which returns no error and another SCPI would be CALC1:FSIM:SEND:DEEM:STAT 1 where a boolean is converted to a 1 to implement the de-embed file and this returns no error. However, when I want to check if the file has been either recalled or made active as I assume the STAT 1 would do, I use queries such as CALC1:FSIM:SEND:DEEM:STAT?  and get an error: PNA ERROR; -410, "QUERY INTERRUPTED; <ERR>"  or any other query such as: CALC1:FSIM:SEND:DEEM:PORT2:USER:FIL? returns the same error.
1. am I not using the correct syntax? my de-embed file is located in the default location, C:\Program Files\Agilent\Network Analyzer\Documents  directory
2. am I not recalling correctly?
3. am I not at the proper place to invoke a de-embed file?
4. am I not activating the de-embed file correctly?