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PXA I/O Setting up TRIG1, TRIG2

Question asked by viper on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by viper
My settings on the PXA N9030A 

Center: 260 MHz
Span: 100MHz
Sweep: 2 Sec
Points: 101
Trig 1 Out: Sweeping
Trig 2 Out: Source Point

I'm trying to use an EXG as a tracking generator. My PXA doesn't have option ESC for external source control but I'm not going through the source control menu. I am setting up TRIG1 as Sweep (TRIG1:OUTP HSWP;) and TRIG2 as point control (TRIG2:OUTP SPO;) Going into the I/O menu page two Output Config shows Trig 1 Out sweeping and trig 2 out Source Point. No errors from the commands.

Am I using the right sweep trigger? From page 304 of N9060-90027 Spectrum Analyzer Mode Users & Programmers Reference.pdf

:TRIGger|TRIGger1|TRIGger2[:SEQuence]:OUTPut HSWP | MEASuring | MAIN |
GATE | GTRigger | OEVen | SPOint | SSWeep | SSETtled | S1Marker |
S2Marker | S3Marker | S4Marker | OFF

When I do this and put a scope on TRIGGER OUT 1 and TRIGGER OUT 2 both are the same. No points on the Trigger out 2 line. WTF?